Super Sharpie

par Magic Smith

Au dos d'une carte de visite, marquez secrètement un nombre de deux chiffres. Demandez à un spectateur de nommer librement un nombre de deux chiffre  : retournez votre carte de visite, c'est le même nombre !

Voilà l'un des effets, simple et direct, que vous pouvez faire avec ceta ccessoire. Mais vous pouvez prédire tout ce que vous voulez !

Super Sharpie est un nail writer qui vous permet de faire des prédictions avec un feutre Sharpie. Mieux que cela : la partie nail writer se cache dans le corps du stylo, vous êtes ainsi toujours prêt à vous "charger" ou à vous "décharger" secrètement !

Livré complet avec une vidéo (en anglais) à télécharger pour les explications.

Description originale :

Imagine asking a spectator to think of any number. You write a prediction on the back of your business card. When they say their number, you turn over your card and it matches. Every time! Magic doesn't get any more direct than this!

Now you can predict a spectator's freely thought of name, number, date, age - even the amount of change in their pocket. The list goes on and on - and your reputation will only grow and grow!

All this is possible with the Super Sharpie. The Super Sharpie is a revolutionary redesign of mentalism's most potent weapon. It's so incredibly simple to use, you'll be performing mind boggling mental miracles just minutes after practicing with it.

The Super Sharpie can be used as a regular Sharpie - because it is! Feel free to hand it to spectators to sign cards - they'll never discover its hidden secret.

There's a built-in precision gimmick that allows you to make sharp, distinct predictions with clarity and legibility. Best of all, you'll do all this right under their noses - while they're staring at you. Since it's all built into the pen, there's no fumbling. You start clean when you pull the pen out, and you end clean when you put the pen away.

It's self-contained, self-inking and undetectable, and it's always ready to go. You'll make your predictions on playing cards (even plastic cards), business cards, and virtually anything else that you can write on with a regular Sharpie pen.

In the 23 minute companion online video tutorial, you'll learn expert techniques from Chris Smith, Oz Pearlman and Manny Vasquez that will get you up and running with your Super Sharpie immediately. Comes with the precision-made Super Sharpie Pen with built in gimmick (black ink), special accessory, and online video and illustrated instructions.

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