Keeper Deck rouge (jeu marqué)

par Ellusionist

Magnifique jeu de cartes, de qualité USPCC.

De plus, ce jeu est marqué, ce qui vous permet de connaître la valeur d'une carte simplement en en voyant le dos… Le marquage est direct (4H pour le quatre  de cœur) e relativement discret…

Description originale

Created by Adam Wilber, with the worker in mind, Keepers feel spectacular right out of the box.
Thousands of you from all over the world have been raving about the custom stock, finish & design of the originals.
These are same incredible finish, but now marked...
Opening a standard deck is a chore. 20 minutes are instantly wasted breaking them in and smoothing the edges. A nightmare for any worker.
Where as Keepers feel smooth, as soon as you crack them open.
With stock as thin as a grain of sand, and a feel as soft as the splash of a gentle ocean wave. Keepers set a new expectation for what an everyday deck should feel like.
- Stock as thin as a grain of sand
- Easy to read markings
- Feels broken-in instantly.
- Deep red color allows sharpie signatures to be seen.
Designed with the most common deck in mind. The Keeper Deck is an advancement of a superb classic.
The back color was specifically chosen to invite trust, and go un-noticed by your audiences. Perfectly complimented by the recognizable pips and faces of a standard deck, featured on the fronts.
With the only tweaks being a custom Keeper Ace of Spades and the faces of the Jack and Queen of Clubs. An everlasting tribute to the creators' beautiful Wife.
Throw out those blunt-cut bikes. These are Keepers.

• Ellusionist quality.
• The cards are poker size.

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