Anchors Ahoy

Par Sean Taylor

Une remarquable version du jeu lancé (David Hoy étant le créateur de cet effet), peaufinée depuis plus de dix ans par Sean Taylor.

Un jeu est examiné, mélangé, entouré par un élastique puis lancé dans le public. Cinq spectateurs regardent simplement une carte dans le jeu. Le magicien est capable de nommer les cinq cartes…

Ce DVD vous révèle dans les moindres détails les nombreuses subtilités de cette routine à fort impact.

DVD en anglais.

Descriptif original anglais :
Sean Taylor has performed this effect as both a magician and mentalist for more than 25 years. This current version has been honed over more than 10 years.

A deck is examined, shuffled and 5 people merely look at cards. With remarkable accuracy the magician is able to name the 5 cards.

The description of this effect previously appeared in the book Mindstorms but this is the first time it has been seen live on camera, in its entirety. The magic of DVD allows you to see the timing and smooth transitions which make this a truly baffling piece of magic where your spectators will be convinced that only pure mind reading could have possibly been the solution.

Anchor's Ahoy is literally Jam packed with convincers and subtleties (or 'anchors' as we like to call them). And this is a performance piece you can put straight into your act. Everything is done for you and in almost 50 minutes, Sean details every nuance to allow you to get up and running very quickly.

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