par James Miller

Ce DVD (en anglais) à l'élégance rare vous explique une dizaine d'effets et une dizaine de fioritures, tous plus élégants les uns que les autres…

Attention, ces mouvements sont très techniques et ne sont pas pour débutants ! Mais, quand ils sont bien maîtrisés, qu'est-ce qu'ils sont beaux…

Descriptif original anglais

There has been really few people able to do both magic and flourishing, we want to add one more to the list.

"...I've met James for the first time at "The Session" in England 3 years ago, that's where we had our first lengthy exchange. What I liked about him (in addition to the fact that he is a really nice person) is that he was really good in both magic and flourish. I naturally told him that if he wanted to release something to the magic community I'd be there to help. Fast forward : 2 years later we are releasing his debut DVD! It's for me a huge honor to produce James' material and to see how Magicalsleight influenced him (his words, not mine). His magic is as visual as mine and I immediately added some of his creations to my repertoire (those who know me well know that it doesn't happen often). I hope that you'll have as much pleasure watching this DVD as we've had working on it..."

10 card tricks

  • Inglorious Jack Basterds : A flourishy sandwich routine with a jaw dropping ending.
  • Visual Split : A 8 splits into two 4's, then two 2's then finishes with an aerial meltdown.
  • Apollo 2k : A card is selected and then vanished using two kings but then reappears in a finger busting moment.
  • Facade : Two Cards change into the selected card in the most visual of sequences.
  • 2-1 1-2 Transpo : Two cards transpose with one and then one with two.
  • Collectors : A collector's routine that has more flare than the 70's.
  • Pursuit : A stylish Sandwich routine in which the sandwiching cards change and transpose.
  • Prohibition : A two phase inversion routine, prepare to practice.
  • Incompositus : Cards are placed into a disorder and shown in a flourishy display, then returned to their original state with one exception.
  • FUBAR : A bunch of colour changes thrown together making a visual and flowing routine of the classic In:ten:city.

10 card Flourishes

  • Sway
  • Miami
  • Splint
  • Time
  • Plexus
  • Altitude False
  • Recall
  • Altitude Aerial
  • Chicago
  • Neuropozyne

Language : English
Runtime : 100min

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